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The Polish Bureau of Professional Translators “Wschod Info EK” offers proofreading of translated texts in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish languages.

Please see our prices for proofreading:
17 Euro / per 1000 words of the text (or per 1 hour of proofreading work) 

Any translation which needs correction or editing may be proofread and edited by a specialist native speaker on request.
We aim to make the text understandable for the final customer. During proofreading translation projects and texts are carefully reviewed by native speakers for content, context and language. The completed translation is carefully proofread and edited for accuracy, consistency, clarity and fidelity. We also provide final feedback on the translated text for the occurrence of bad language, wrong expressions, spelling, language usage and grammar.
Our native speaker stylist will adapt a translation so that a foreign-language reader will perceive the document as authentic, i.e. written by a native speaker of the same language.
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